Monthly Archives: May 2016

Going Whole Hog to Make Your Lawn Safe for All…

As you might know, our town, Ogunquit, went all organic about a year and a half ago.  This was not some ‘government order’ – our voters wished for this.  We are a small seaside town; anything someone puts on their lawn ends up eventually, through run off or groundwater, in the ocean. When you make […]

One small Maine town sparking an organic revolution

Ogunquit’s ordinance banning chemical pesticides has been used as a model for other towns and cities in Maine to follow suit and adopt their own ordinances banning in whole or in part chemical pesticides on town land and on some private lands as well. Portland and South Portland, sizable cities for Maine, have been working […]

The Great Clover Conspiracy!

Why would anyone think that having a lawn without clover was the only way a lawn should look? Grass seed companies really got their gas after World War II, when so many homes were built for returning servicemen – of course these homes also needed a grassy lawn.  Clover seed was always included in grass […]