Monthly Archives: December 2016

My after Christmas trees….

Christmas is over now and if you’re like us, you are faced with what to do with your Christmas tree.  Perhaps you have an artificial tree and can just take it apart and store it in your attic, or perhaps you have a live tree and dug a hole for it before the ground froze. […]

A Christmas gift…

Many wish for gifts at this time of year. If I had to choose any gift, I would choose to have our rivers and streams, our air and soil, free of poisons that harm plants, trees, fish, animals, and people. This is the gift we were given long ago, and while we have made progress […]

Begin where you are – then join with one another

We have to start locally protecting our own clean waters and clean land, while obtaining town land for conservation purposes, given what might happen under the new administration. But while we should begin locally, we must also work together trading ideas, support, and ways to defend the progress we have made both locally as well […]

Whew! Mom Nature’s liking our beach!

A few weeks ago we had the much ballyhooed King Tides and since we live in a small southern Maine beach community, we took the many warnings seriously. Those King Tides could well be a problem, after all, and we wondered how our beautiful sandy beach and its dunes protecting fragile wet lands beyond would […]