Monthly Archives: January 2017

Squirrel problem? No problem!

While my father was busy with his continuous struggle with squirrels captured in his Havahart trap, we had moved to the country in upstate New York, and soon erected an Absolute Squirrel Proof bird feeder. I am sure you have seen these feeders that have a hinged bird perch that shutters the bird feed when […]

My dad vs. the squirrels

My dad took on the squirrels as if they were they were the mortal villains of his life.  He kept track of the number of squirrels he trapped in his Havahart and ferried a mile or two away. He would write, ‘I captured numbers 45 and 46 this week,’ and I am sure he would […]

Wrestling with squirrels … part 1

Our wrestling with the squirrels is really a family affair. It all began when my folks moved from rural Connecticut to Maine 40 years ago. Back in Connecticut, one of our kitchen windows looked out over an old well, no longer used except in August to water the garden, since the word was that the […]

Celebrations and regrets

We have a lot to be thankful for and some regrets looking back on 2016.  By ‘we’, I mean our Ogunquit Conservation Commission which I found myself chairing a year and a half ago. Before I became chair, our conservation commission, anywhere from three to five people depending on who is away or sick, spearheaded […]