Monthly Archives: April 2017

Still time to dress…

Top dress that is. Your garden. If you are anxious to do something in your garden before your perennials begin sprouting or before they grow too much, or if you want to enrich a bed you have planned for a vegetable garden or annual flower garden, you can begin now by top dressing your gardens. […]

One of Maine’s endangered beach birds is back!

Our piping plovers began to arrive several weeks ago and now we have 7 of these curious and endangered little beach birds. I thought that they were all guys, since other male birds arrive before their females to stake out a good nest area, but a few turned out to be females. They are pairing […]

Proposed Maine bill could lead to beach erosion

For years towns have been able to apply to the Maine Department of Environmental Protection to obtain a seaweed removal permit if needed. But now a York representative has proposed a bill that will allow towns to bypass this permitting process and decide for themselves when to remove ‘large’ amounts of seaweed. ‘Large’ is not […]

Ant invasion?

Ant invasion?   Spring might be here, although those with us with fresh snow on the ground again might wonder, and while spring brings with it all those good things – warmer days, the first spring flowers, a Hallelujah Chorus of early morning bird song – it also can bring with it the bugs – […]