Monthly Archives: June 2017

Creating a conservation commission in your town

Need help creating a conservation commission in your town?  Help for beginning a conservation commission is as close as your computer or phone – just contact a town near you and ask for information about their conservation commission. If that doesn’t work, contact us, at and we’ll help. Or you can go on line […]

Becoming the environmental conscience of your town

Conservation commissions can do so much even if you have just a small number of people on your conservation commission and a limited budget. Even a few can advocate for a town to buy land to be put aside for preservation from development. If these conservation lands are forested, then trails for dog walking, hiking, […]

The environmental conscience of your town…

They have been called the environmental conscience of the town – your town’s conservation commission – organized to protect and improve a town’s water, beaches and land; advise select boards and city councilors about environmental issues facing the town, and educate the public about environmental issues important to a town’s health and well being. Many […]