Smoke gets in your eyes…

Wood fired fire pits have become increasingly common especially here among the cafes and restaurants trying to attract customers.  Most of these eateries are bunched together in areas where there are a lot of people.

Smoke from these fire pits tends to gather and accumulate in those crowded areas, making it difficult for some to breath – wood smoke, like cigarette smoke, can be harmful and cause long term health problems.

I am not talking about people who heat their homes with wood who live in the country. I grew up in the country and come November on those cold Saturday afternoons when winter was in the air, my dad would light a fire in our fireplace, and when I came in from riding my bike or exploring the woods behind our house, the smell of that fire meant home, warmth and safety.

And I am not talking about those campfires all of us remember camping out in the woods where the fire kept us warm, cooked our meals, and shone on the faces of our friends.

I am talking about those wood fired fire pits in front of restaurants that crowd our downtown and are dangerous to many peoples’ health.

We know that breathing smoke can kill you. We hear that on the news around this time of year when house fires begin to occur again and smoke inhalation sends victims to the hospital or is responsible for deaths.

Wood fired fire pits may lure people to a place to eat or drink, yet the smoke can also cause serious health problems. If you live or your business is in a crowded area and you have a wood fired fire pit, why not switch to propane?

Propane burns clean, hot and smokeless and will not cause health problems for you, those you love, and those nearby.

Bill Baker

About Bill Baker

Bill's interest in a clean place to live is rooted in growing up in the country – a cornfield across the road and fields, sandstone cliffs and hundreds of acres of woods where he spent many hours.