Monthly Archives: November 2017

Fun to use, but deafening and polluting

It’s as if they’ve never left. That’s because they haven’t. Beginning in the spring during what the lawn and garden services call ‘spring clean up’; then  week after week through the summer and all day for days during ‘fall clean up’, leaf blowers shatter the stillness. Around here the lawn and garden care workers descend […]

Warmer may not be better…

We hear a lot about climate change these days. Sure, we have had some of the warmest years recently since records were kept, but many don’t care and a few even think climate change is a hoax or fearmongering, though why thousands of scientists would want to perpetrate a hoax or purposely make us afraid […]

Where does it all go?

You probably recycle like most Mainers do. But did you ever wonder where your recycled stuff goes?  Does it just become garbage? Or is it reincarnated as something else? We have more and more plastics in our recycling bin these days – plastics from berry, yogurt, some kinds of milk, cottage cheese, eggs, lettuce containers […]