Monthly Archives: February 2018

You be the judge! part 1

Here’s the problem: Our conservation commission urged a change in the Shoreland Zoning a few years ago. This change would apply the same 75’ setback from any body of water, including streams not defined by the Maine DEP, as streams such as water flows usually 1-2’ wide. These small flows can flood roads after a […]

Lose power much?

Lose power much? We seem to lose power a lot more here than when we lived in upstate New York.  We seem to have lost power routinely several times a year since we moved here nearly 20 years ago. Twice I remember losing power in upstate NY during the 30 years we lived there, once, […]

What’s up with our oceans?

What is happening to our ocean?  I never recall these weird changes with the ocean when we were younger, do you?  Were we missing something? Let’s look at what we all know is happening. We’ve heard a lot of talk about sea level rise. Portland has seen some of its streets near the Old Port […]

Banned from the game?

Roundup and its main ingredient, glyphosate now have yet another strike against them. You would think this stuff would be out of the game by now, but Roundup is still the most used product of its kind in America and in the world. The newest strike? Roundup can severely impair your immune system, brain function […]