Monthly Archives: March 2018

Goodbye winter, farewell eagles

  Winter’s over or just about and there is a lot I won’t miss – like putting on all the winter duds – coat, hat, boots, gloves – before even going outside, for example. Or those cold winds whipping snow against the house, filling the driveway and walkways with the white stuff; beautiful to be […]

Save our Maine local rights!

Nothing makes me madder than someone trying to take away one of our basic rights.  A legislator from Hancock County, a state senator no less, wants to take away local control from Maine towns. State Senator Tom Saviello of Franklin is trying to have the Maine Legislature’s Joint Standing Committee on Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry […]

Part 2 – You be the judge!

If you read last week’s blog then you know that our town may open up formerly protected areas within 75’ of streams for single family homes and smaller structures such as decks. This will be left open to voters. This all began when the Planning Board considered adopting changes to its Shoreland Zoning and Stream […]